Plus save staff time, get Prompt Accurate feedback and cut costs

It’s repetitive work, rather tedious. Staff and time dependent, multiple cooler units to check. Twice a day. Paper records, suspect figures, audit pressures. Its been this way for a long time

Plus, now there are stricter Regulatory monitoring guidelines for food storage (MPI) and Vaccine storage monitoring (Ministry of Health 2017).

But now you can be ahead of that process. Clean automatic records how you want them. No tedious logging for staff

See How mimocool can help you manage medication..

plus important management information……

It handles the routine stuff. But most importantly, it alerts you when it detects something needs checking out. There is surety of accuracy and if there is a problem, you know about it quickly.

  1. No more staff doing the daily logging chore. You can relax knowing it’s all in hand. That’s a big monthly cost saving in staff time. (check out our calculator)

  2. Accurately logs and checks the current temperatures of all your Cold Storage units. Every six minutes, not twice a day.

  3. Discretely alerts duty staff if a temperature goes north, unit failure, door not closed etc. When they need to know

  4. You can get rid of all your paper logs. Save paper. Store your data safely. It’s there when you need it.

  5. Provides you with daily graphical evidence of fridge performance if you need to refer back. You will be surprised at what goes on!

  6. Print clear monthly reports that will impress audit

  7. Performance analytics for each cold unit. Check out the weak links.