MimoCool and MimoCare bring latest technology to aged care

At the sharp end with new technology....

Whilst the team were working on MimoCare, a user comment turned our thoughts to how we could solve an issue keeping check on fridges that were in use 24hrs a day around a care facility. Fridges that are holding medication and food stuff destined for elderly residents. There is a statutory requirement to keep a check on the temperatures in these fridges.

The Internet of Things is perfect for collecting micro data and bringing it all together in the cloud so it can be monitored and checked real time. If you have just two bits of data a day you cant do much analysis but with IoT technology we can deploy small battery temperature sensors, constantly feeding back that crucial data.

QVisual Ltd has been in the forefront of  IoT developments for the last 7 years. We have designed and created specialised multipurpose sensors for monitoring elderly at home.  With the MimoCool product, we can appeal to a wider field in commerce and institutions with blockchain food processes

IoT is is exciting new technology. 90% of current IoT development is happening within large corporations looking to harness IoT to aid their own business. QVisual Ltd is one of the few front facing specialised development companies bringing LoRa networks into play for external Small to Medium businesses. QVisual Ltd is uniquely supplying IoT solutions to the general marketplace, designed to solve specific problems. 

Fridge monitoring and Aged care are a classic example of innovative thinking based on IoT technology.

But as the big corporations are finding, its one thing to collect huge amounts of data but it is another matter working out what you are going to do with it.

Thats where we excel with with clever analysis bringing up to the minute actionable data to the user, data they could not get before.

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