Manually checking fridge temperatures takes valuable staff time.

You will be aware there are strict standards re cold storage of medication and food.  The Ministry of Health and Health and Safety  Commission lay down strict guidelines re the cold chain care of vaccines

But Strict controls require attention to detail

Instead of taking a sample temperature reading once a day, MimoCool takes 240, on its own, hands free.

240 readings that give you the big picture. Save money, staff time and organisation. Get temperature deviation alerts in time and to the right people

Are you....

taking a manual reading on your fridges once or twice a day? 

A fridge temperature can vary drastically during the day  (and night), especially if fridge doors left open or not closed properly. So when do you choose to take a reading?

Sometimes they fail completely  (See Case Study)

And how does that reading get stored, and how is it followed up?, One reading once or twice a day is not  going to give you a true guide as to what is happening.....

.....and you need to know.

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.....Take Action

MimoCool, logging 240 temperature checks a day on a fridge, can keep an eye on the big picture on a minute by minute basis.

Its a myth that fridges constantly maintain a steady temperature.

Be confident critical situations will be picked up automatically and staff notified to attend before those vaccines are at risk 

Be able to recognise unsuitable fridges that are poor performers and expensive to run.

And it is out of the box install. No wifi, (we provide 3G connect for you), no wiring just the latest technology battery powered sensor in each fridge

All this and your staff can get on with what they are good at,  caring.

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