As you know, there are strict standards re cold storage of medication and food.  The Ministry of Health and Health and Safety  Commission lay down guidelines re the cold chain care of vaccines and food

Strict controls demand careful attention to detail

But how do you actually know what is going on in your fridges?.

Is there a risk that just one or two temperature samples a day might miss the mark?

Consider this…A staff nurse pops in at 1:30am for some medication, shuts the door and leaves. But the fridge door is not tightly shut, it is still slightly ajar. By 2.30am the inside fridge temperature is heading north, 10 degs plus

By 3:30 fridge is warming beyond limits and starting content deteriation. At 5.00am , three and a half hours later, nurse pops in to get some medication, leaves and shuts door properly this time…..By 6am it is back to normal

But that deviation is not logged or noted anywhere.

There are many reasons for temperature failures….from poor quality fridges to overstocking with new product. Refer to some actual samples from real life tests and checks


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Up till now there has been no easy way to keep tabs on multiple fridges spread around a building as in a Care or medical facility.

But that will change as new low cost, zero install networks can overcome this and keep you aware 24/7 of any mishaps in the fridges. MimoCool harnesses that network in a “first of its kind” application giving you an easy install and full Staff mobile alerts within minutes of a temperature breach.

No need to organise staff to do checks. Be advised when you need to know

……….Reap the benefits

  • Be able to recognise unsuitable leaky fridges that are poor performers and expensive to run.

  • Do away with the daily manual process of logging temps by staff

  • Be confident that the data is accurate, logged and secure, not jotted down on a notebook.

  • Monthly graphing to highlight the performance of problem fridges

  • Smart breakdowns of monthly figures to hand to Audit

  • Concise text alerts to staff nurse mobile

  • And it is out of the box install. No wifi, (just 3G connect for you), no wiring just the latest technology battery powered sensor in each fridge

All this and your staff can get on with what they are good at,  caring.

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