Get feedback and analysis on how Cold storage units are working (see Tools)

Be up to speed with your FCP reporting with logging data updates.

Cold Chain product movements? Look at on the road options with continuous monitoring and logging


Analyse the Cooling Units Effectiveness

Watch for refrigeration performance anomalies. Poor recovery characteristics or excessive recycling can be highlighted and actioned


Food Control Plan.

Collected data from Cold Chain logging can be passed on automatically to your FCP template. Contact us for tailored templates for use in medication, care based foods and others


Dealing with product movements?

Now you can apply Cold Storage data logging on the road or movements in local facility.Self contained battery driven network will keep a record and alerts for sensitive food or medication movement. Have proof of delivery

MimoCool gives you the tools.

With qualified data updates every six minutes, you are now in a position to spot trends and judge performance. From domestic quality fridges to full chiller and walk-in storage, Mimocool is constantly logging performance. Identify fridges that are working hard or ones which are slow to recover from temperature exceptions.

Monthly summary of alerts for each unit. Drill down for more detail.

Monthly summary of alerts for each unit. Drill down for more detail.

Mimocool has a full range of management tools that display performance right down to day level. Generates monthly charts that summarise the poor performers so you can follow up and investigate.

Step back historically. All older logging is there to see. Go back to confirm or investigate what happened earlier. Maybe an overstocked fridge is taking a long time to recover. Act on it now.

What MimoCool can put a stop to. A site test before going live

What MimoCool can put a stop to. A site test before going live

With a mind to those regular audit visits, Mimocool can quickly generate monthly documents showing clear data readings. And it’s all accurate.

Not only is this a great timesaver, it saves a ton of paper and effort. Inspectors will appreciate that and we reckon it’s worth a credit.

Audit report

Audit report

Intelligent Alerts


If an exception occurs then Mimocool will monitor it closely. If temperature is still going north after two minutes then it is not just a blip. Alert goes out to SMS Mobile and duty staff.

Perhaps it continues to escalate and nobody has checked in. So after another ten minutes, and the temp is going upwards, a second urgent alert is sent out. Mimocool even keeps an eye on it all the way down again.