CASE STUDY - Medication fridges are fallible. How a defrost went wrong.

A recent installation of MimoCool  is currently successfully monitoring medication and food fridges in the supported care facility. 

Sensors were placed in the kitchen freezers which immediately began reporting back to the MimoCool gateway on the floor above.

However before activating alerts and final handover to user, final checks were carried out on MimoCool by user staff. To their surprise MimoCool had logged a freezer had been off line for a significant time before coming back on stream again. Discussions with staff indicated that they were unaware this had happened and felt this could only occur if the power was switched off.

There had also been a routine maintenance visit earlier

However further analysis of the plotted temperature showed that the freezer had started its regular 6 hourly defrost but had failed to restart its freezing cycle. Result was a steady climb of temperature  before the freezer re-engaged  hours later next day.

Richard Jenkins of commented.

“This just emphasises the need to continuously monitor as things can happen quickly and need to be contained. Thats what MimoCool does well. Needless to say the above alerts are now activated and live so any re-occurrence can be picked up within 30 mins of starting.”