Mimocool is a simple but powerful construct….

….using sophisticated sensors talking to a central gateway. The sensors conform to worldwide FCC and radiation standards. IP rated, powerful and reliable. They are commercially available world wide.

Mimocool Sensor

Mimocool Sensor

Mimocool software was designed and developed in New Zealand. It is one of the `few products in New Zealand and Australia designed specifically for this purpose. MimoCool is also leading the way in applying RegTech into the food and medication sectors.

Multi-purpose sensors are battery powered, they just need to be positioned inside Cold Storage units or food display shelving.

The sensors will communicate, every six minutes, with a central Gateway up to 2km away, even passing through walls. The amount of interference does impact on distance. In line of sight it can be as far as 10Km.

The Gateway collects the data and transmits it to the Mimocool Cloud server. The Gateway has its own built in 3G network linking to the cloud server. Just position it in a central location. Connect to mains power point. Switch on and away.

The MimoCloud server is checking each and every log for signs of a potential default. A warning SMS can then be sent to duty staff mobiles to check things out

No need for technical staff to integrate into a Corporate broadband. Mimocool gives you good Corporate data security with its own 3G internet connection.

The sophistication is in the product and the analysis of the data in the Mimocool cloud server.

Installation and deployment is simple and straightforward.

Two AA batteries provide the power for each of the sensors. This gives each sensor a potential lifespan of two years before new batteries needed. There is no limit as to the number of sensors you can deploy.

Thats it. You are ready to go!