Ch-3 It is vital to detect a fridge malfunction before it happens

In previous blogs we have looked at the fallibility of the current two checks a day and how it creates areas where problems can happen and not be recorded.

We also queried the concept that fridges, chillers, walk-ins etc are reliable and quietly behave except on rare occasions. We have shown how a temperature escalation can be be accidentally triggered by a user.

In this recorded real incident we look at a fridge failure. A physical breakdown occured and how the fault was not picked up for 24hrs because the person who normally logged temperatures was on leave. Slightly unusual but potentially devastating for stored foodstuffs and medication. In this case we are looking at a food kitchen and the workbench cold fridge

Compressor fail2.png

A routine maintenance call had been triggered and acted on. An engineer attended and did normal practices and left. As can be seen from the log that day the fridge cycled normally with compressor activity occurring on a regular 2 hourly basis. However at point 3, it can be seen that the compressor did not engage with the result that the temperature started to rise. And it carried on through to the next day until we advised they had a problem (note that these were preinstall tests and alerting not activated)

New stock overload

New stock overload

This incident and others always highlight the biggest drawback of current cold storage monitoring. It is pointless either not logging an incident at all, or logging a fault after the event has occurred. Almost akin to waiting before you call the fire brigade.

It doesn’t happen but it should. The correct management of cold storage is to identify the first signs of a problem and to get to it quickly before it escalates. This means every incident gets picked up and does not get lost under the radar of a two checks a day system. You have to wonder how many temperature failures never get picked up.

Our study on these vulnerable points was fairly conclusive and eventually led onto the creation of an application Mimocool which addressed all the issues covered here

Message from John Williams CEO,

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