Reading the Alerts clues.

With a plot every six minutes , you are now in a far better position to analyse the performance of your cold storage.

Anatomy of an open door 2.jpg

Mimocool logs the time of an alert going out. In case A we can see the correlation very easily. The daily graph for that Friday logs a quick rise in temperature. At 22:30 an alert was generated.

In a short space of time the temperature starts to recover. In fact it is slightly concave.

That sudden recovery indicates that the problem has been resolved. In other words the alerted staff have attended the scene. Looking at the timings the alert went out at 22:30. The correction occurred at 22:31. Good staff reaction.

New stock overload medication.png

This is a good example of where a fridge door has likely been left slightly ajar. Just 10mm is enough to cause a quick temperature rise.

In case B there are different circumstances. Here you can see a steady warming of the fridge. An alert went out but the soft peak and the gentle decline in temperature over next three hours points very strongly at a potential overstock of the Cooler fridge. It also suggests that the fridge could be underpowered and would have been running non stop (No apparent blips if fridge stopped briefly)

john williams